HappyBubble ハッピーバブル


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'HappyBubble' is an application program that flies soap bubbles.
Starting blowing quietly to the mike, many soap bubbles overflow on the screen.
You can use the photograph you took for the background of soap bubbles. (If you use 'iPod touch', please select the photograph from Photo Album in your 'iPod touch')
Let's take a picture of your favorite scenery or the sky of today, and fly soap bubbles over your sky!
You can use a preset background image, too.
(Select 'Take Picture' or 'Preset Image' by the menu.)
When becoming a certain time... the color of soap bubbles ... ?


HappyBubble はシャボン玉を飛ばすアプリです。 
iPod touch の方はフォトアルバムから写真を選択できます。








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